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How to enhance customer loyalty

How to enhance customer loyalty


The goal of the client relationship is to improve the quality of a company’s relationship with its clients. In an increasingly competitive environment, it has become a major strategic issue for brands. In 2019, consumer practices and habits are evolving, and the client relationship is no longer just a business relationship. It must develop and adapt to new uses. Here is an overview of new ways to optimize customer loyalty.

Digitize your client relationship

With the arrival of new technologies and new channels, companies are also expected to provide quality digital client relationships.


Automate simple tasks

With a large client base, it may seem difficult to develop and improve the relationship with each one of them. However, digital tools allow companies do to precisely that by automating certain tasks. For example, some simple queries (practical questions or frequently asked questions…) need a simple answer, and asking a human every time gets repetitive. Here, digital tools take over from the human to free up more time for more complex client requests and solutions.


Expand the points of contact

With the emergence of new networks and new technological objects, the points of contact between the company and the consumers are increasing:


35% of consumers communicate via more than 4 different channels to contact their customer service.

Les Echos, December 2016


SMS, chat, social networks, email… consumers can now contact brands via multiple channels, and expect more immediacy. It is no longer enough to pick up the phone to satisfy them.


Customize your client relationship

Anticipate clients’ needs, provide them with privileges and make them feel UNIQUE… For some time, personalization has been a strong emerging trend in loyalty and relationship marketing strategies.

You have inevitably received mailings targeting you directly by using your first name or last name, but personalization can go even further: the client’s age, areas of interest, place of residence, history of the relationship… everything that the client communicates to a company is its most precious asset! The use of this data makes it possible for the company to individualize the customer relationship and to engage the client: the client will feel unique and recognized by the brand, and will develop a stronger attachment to it.


A strategy supported by all the company’s actors

But beware, these actions make no sense if the company does not place the client at the heart of its business strategy. All major client relationship managers say it: client satisfaction is not just their concern or that of client-facing employees or client contact centers. Training, upstream processes, employee culture, IT… To function, the strategy must be supported and applied by the rest of the organization and all of the employees must be involved.


What John Paul can do for your business

A multichannel experience

Do you want a unique and comprehensive relationship strategy for your business? John Paul creates omnichannel client journeys on your behalf. The wide variety of channels available is designed to make the client’s life easier and adapt to their preferred use.

An instantaneous service

To respond quickly to requests from your clients, John Paul allows you to be in direct contact with our Concierges for instant service. Through a live chat solution, handling requests is faster and more efficient.

Predictive technology for ultra-personalization

Our Concierges are capable of personalizing each interaction with the client in a precise manner thanks to all the data already gathered on each member via our proprietary CRM. This data is continually enriched in the CRM for an ultra-comprehensive client knowledge, in accordance with confidentiality laws. To know each client individually means offering them the most relevant solutions and a trusting, qualitative, and human relationship.


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