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[#MeetAJohnPaulee] Louise Athouel, Concierge VIP

Each month, we interview a John Paulee to shine a spotlight on employees who are working hard behind the scenes! This month’s star is Louise, a Concierge VIP working on the customer service team for a large hospitality company. Read on to learn more about Louise.


What do you do at John Paul?

I work on a customer service team for a major actor in the hospitality sector, and the goal is to help the guests of this brand. We handle all the customer service requests. We help them whether it’s before their stay, while they’re booking, during the stay if there’s a problem with the hotel, or after the trip if there are any problems with their loyalty points for example. We work for the “Elite” members of the loyalty program, clients who are really loyal to the brand!


How long have you been working at John Paul?

I arrived in September of 2017.


What’s the best part of your job?

I love getting a “thank you” from clients, when they’re really happy! It’s always good to know that we were able to truly help them. And I also like training, I train the new arrivals when they join our team, this way I can share all my knowledge and everything that I’ve learned over the past years.


Are there any John Paulees who deserve a shout-out? 🙂

Julie P on my team manages the quality side of our missions, she has a lot of responsibility. She also helps us with our day-to-day work, and she’s always available. Without her, I’m not sure we would survive!


What is John Paul to you in 1 word?



What do you do in your free time?

I got a dog a year ago, he takes up all my time… and I love it!



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