John Paul

Choosing John Paul means assuring yourself of an outstanding service, one that is able to handle basic demands as well as the most eccentric, impeccably.

Our mission is to make your daily life easier. John Paul is available 24/7, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world, to respond to its members’ needs. Going beyond ordinary customer satisfaction, John Paul constantly strives to surpass expectations by knowing our clients well and anticipating their needs. The pursuit of excellence is in John Paul’s DNA.

Quality of service

Quality is at the heart of all our endeavours and exchanges, both internal and external. Each concierge at John Paul upholds a policy of high standards, which is based on three pillars:

1. Reliability

One of the fundamental rules of John Paul : meeting its commitments. Every deadline is respected to the minute. Should any unforeseen circumstance arise, the concierge systematically acts to prevent the client incurring any further delays. Our recommendations are based on carefully selected and personalised offers.

2. Customisation

Each member is made to feel valued and special as their requests are executed. John Paul not only seeks the total satisfaction of its members; by anticipating their demands and exceeding their expectations, we aim to surprise them! Thanks to our detailed knowledge of each customer's profile, their tastes and preferences, our concierges provide tailor-made care and arrange exclusive, made-to-measure treats.

3. Evaluating Our Service

John Paul follows up on each service rendered to make sure everything went according to plan. Depending on the nature of the request, an email or a call is routinely made to garner customer feedback. All responses are recorded in our CRM software and used to evaluate the customer's experience and determine how well the service provider met the customer's needs. Our Quality Control team also assesses member satisfaction at regularly scheduled meetings. This allows us to meet the constantly changing requirements of our clients.

Our Address Book

Each partner of John Paul is chosen based on a strict vetting process. Our network of over 50,000 quality service providers throughout the world has been built to provide the best service and the best rates to its members. Our recruiting process is rigorous and in keeping with time-tested standards of excellence.

Attention to Detail

At John Paul, our promise of excellent service is not just a marketing slogan, it's the rule we live by. The closest attention is expected and brought to bear on each point of contact with John Paul:

  • Every exchange, every interaction with a member, client, or partner
  • Every email, every communication
  • Every event, every project
  • Every suggestion, every recommendation
  • Every tool and method of communication

John Paul pays attention to the smallest details to ensure that every interaction is a success.



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