Empathy and attentiveness: how do our Concierges perceive customers' needs?

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Empathy and attentiveness: how do our Concierges perceive customers' needs?

“A John Paul Concierge goes beyond the request,” explains Caroline Kaye, VP Communications EMEA at John Paul. In this environment where service is a passion, Concierges don't just respond to a request, they are committed to delivering an experience, thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the customer and their multiple connections.


The art of listening


A call, a request and there you have it, the Concierge is faced with a “request” to solve. Often in a hurry, the client called “Member” does not always express the details of their expectations, and it is essential for the Concierge to understand the implicit. “The Concierge cannot afford to be inattentive or unfocused, they have to know how to read between the lines, ask as many questions as possible and anticipate their interlocutor's needs,” says Caroline. For a Concierge service, listening is an art and Concierges are masters in this field. This quality is combined with empathy and curiosity, which are useful for gleaning a maximum amount of information and guaranteeing a personalized service of excellence, which is John Paul's strength. The more a Concierge listens, the more courteous and available they are, the better the customer satisfaction.

“Our Concierges are not assessed by the number of requests they respond to, but by the quality provided, the level of satisfaction recorded, meticulously evaluated and constantly monitored. Through their suggestions for solutions, they must convey an emotion that the Member would not have obtained on his own and that they will not forget” she adds.


Data for a better customer experience


It's no secret that a brand's ability to know its customers' needs is essential to generate loyalty. To achieve this, data is key, especially for a concierge service. Each interaction with a Member is an entry point for data that will serve the Concierge in their quest to offer a unique and above all personalized service. This (almost) perfect knowledge of the customer is based on a history of requests that precisely draw the Member's profile: from their preferences to their needs, including very specific information such as their shoe size or the birthday of their spouse.

“To be able to personalize the responses given to Members as much as possible, John Paul has set up a “Member Relations” department dedicated to gathering as much information as possible for each profile. All the data is compiled so that our Concierges have a very good knowledge of the Members”  explains Caroline Kaye.


The Concierge's demand for quality


This desire to be as close as possible to the needs of the Members is an illustration of the code of requirements inherent in the function of a John Paul Concierge.Our Concierge brings serenity to the Member, as if they were relieving themselves of their mental burden. The Concierge gives them time that they don't have and in return, some people, so happy to have been helped, send our Concierges a touching note, a photo, or even some... champagne!”


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Empathy and attentiveness: how do our Concierges perceive customers' needs?

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