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Founded in 2008 and now a fully owned subsidiary of the Accor group, John Paul is now deploying the elegance of the French lifestyle on an international scale. Our business, but also our passion, is to take care of your best customers thanks to the unique know-how and personal skills of our talents. In this way, we help to strengthen the emotional attachment of your best customers to the spirit of your brand.


John Paul is the alliance of more than 350 elite concierges, 150 marketing, digital, editorial and event experts, accompanied on a daily basis by more than 10,000 prestigious partners around the world, all united around a proprietary CRM, web IOS Android and PCI DSS level 1 certified technology.

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14 years of experience (2008-2022)

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+ 550 collaborators
around the world
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6 hubs in Europe and North America

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The know-how of 350 concierges

24/7 international
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Sébastien Bazin

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CEO of the Accor Hotel Group
Sebastien Bazin

"In John Paul we have found a customer relations gem. Today we are going to combine our expertise, our strengths and our talents, and broaden the scope of our offer to provide the best experience to all travellers before, during and after their stay."

Olivier Larigaldie

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CEO of the John Paul Group

"John Paul is dedicated to a single mission: to take care of your best customers. We help create a strong experiential and emotional connection between them and your brand. Our pride is in assisting them on your behalf on a daily basis, our joy is in creating extraordinary bespoke experiences for them!"


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