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Luxury VIC's

Hyper-personalization: the key to building loyalty among luxury VICs

Loyal to its identity, luxury cannot abandon its codes and demanding values, but must innovate to ...
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Premium bank cards

Bank Card Concierge Service

A powerful loyalty driver and emotion booster for premium cardholders! Above all, your daily ...
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Private concierge: human qualities first and foremost

The quality of a concierge service depends to a large extent on the responsiveness and relevance of ...
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Inside John Paul

Looking for a rare object, the address of a trendy restaurant, the contact details of a trusted craftsman... our Concierges take care of these everyday tasks that take up time when you're short of it.

Responding to Members' requests is the mission of the John Paul Concierge teams. All requests? Yes ...
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What types of concierge services are there?

A concierge service, historically a hotel reception service, is a set of services offered by a ...
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PCI DSS level 1 certification: the Holy Grail for protecting our Members' banking data

Thanks to the quality of our processes and the ongoing rigor of our teams, John Paul has just ...
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Inside John Paul
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Our Concierge Whispers April 2023

Trendy restaurants, cultural outings, current events or hotels to try? Here are our three Concierge ...
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under study

XERFI study: The strategies of the players in the concierge market by 2023

The concierge markets have lost none of their attractiveness despite the serious setback caused by the health crisis.


Reorganisation of workspaces, mixed uses in urban real estate, ever greater attention to quality of life at work... Faced with changing customer expectations and intensifying competition, what are the main levers for development?

They are
John Paul

Alexandre Coge
Financial Director
Alexandre Coge

"We work hand in hand with all John Paul offices and our parent company Accor."

Chris Valière
Chris Valiere

"It's through customer passion and innovation, combined with operational rigor, that John Paul employees operate and grow at the heart of the company."