Financial services

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Financial services

Faced with major strategic challenges, the financial services sector is undergoing a major transformation.


The challenges facing financial services companies are closely linked to the arrival on the market of new players such as neo-banks, which are shaking up the existing model. Traditional companies need to work on the customer experience: today, only 56% of French people are satisfied with their bank.

To achieve this, improving the speed of responses to customer problems is a major challenge, as is reducing or even abolishing account maintenance charges. Free services are also being added to complete the offer.

In addition, digital transformation is at the heart of the issues facing financial services: having a well-developed digital offering with a pleasant, easy-to-use customer journey is now essential, while bearing in mind that consumers are, above all, looking to financial services companies for rigorous security of data flows.

John Paul, the benchmark concierge service for the banking sector

For over 10 years, John Paul has been deploying its expertise in the service of traditional banks. A true leader in concierge services for premium cardholders, John Paul perfects each of its services according to the needs of its members, the level of security required and the different card ranges. Customer knowledge is key to designing loyalty programmes tailored to the sector and its specific features.

Considered an additional service within banks, concierge services are a real time-saver for users who need to delegate a number of tasks. Often used by the largest portfolios, concierge services are nonetheless accessible to the majority of bank customers. Whatever their budget and whatever the type of request, John Paul is committed to satisfying its customers with an excellent quality of service. The aim? To use concierge services to strengthen customers' sense of belonging to their bank.

And as enhancing the customer experience is at the heart of the banks' challenges, John Paul offers, in addition to its concierge access, the creation of tailor-made "money can't buy" experiences as well as targeted affinity marketing programs, creating ever greater engagement by making each individual's experience unique.

John Paul conquering Fintech

An emerging sector whose development is competing with traditional banks, fintech is bringing with it new codes for customer relations. More modern, more targeted and more engaging, the resources developed by fintech players are increasingly in tune with customer expectations.

In its quest for an ever more loyal customer experience, the Fintech sector is gradually turning to concierge services. John Paul is responding to this need by teaming up with a major Fintech player, with a major challenge: to demonstrate all the historical qualities of concierge services while adapting to the modernity of the sector. And even if the sector is still immature when it comes to integrating concierge services, there are many possibilities for deployment, particularly via digital technology. John Paul knows exactly how to adapt to these new challenges and has, for example, set up a Whatsapp channel to facilitate the link between members and concierges.


European leader in financial services

Our experts, trained in electronic banking by banks and card providers, have a perfect knowledge of the banking customer and their expectations.

An ultra-secure environment

Our technology platforms have been developed to meet the most demanding security standards. John Paul is PCI-DSS Level 1 certified.

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Pierre-Yves Roizot

logo Mooncard
General Director Mooncard
Pierre-Yves Roizot

“I am particularly delighted with the association between Mooncard and John Paul, whose know-how and expertise are widely recognized throughout Europe. Through this partnership, we have broadened the scope of our Mooncard Premium card offering and are providing an even richer experience for all our customers. Our common vision has enabled us to combine our strengths to make the daily lives of companies and their employees easier.”

Olivier Larigaldie

logo John Paul
CEO of the John Paul Group

"John Paul is dedicated to a single mission: to take care of your best customers. We help create a strong experiential and emotional connection between them and your brand. Our pride is in assisting them on your behalf on a daily basis, our joy is in creating extraordinary bespoke experiences for them!"



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