People at the heart of excellence

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People at the heart of excellence

Whatever the sector, personalizing an offer is a source of customer satisfaction and, de facto, loyalty. The one-to-one approach is seductive and popular, but it must remain subtle, because the customer experience is only remarkable if it places the human being (and his emotional intelligence) at its heart.

The limits of ultra-customization

Forrester's latest report makes it clear: a personalized customer experience is only relevant if it is nuanced and well-formulated. The bond that exists between a customer and a company must be carefully nurtured if it is to take root over time. Before, during and after the purchase of a product or service.

To personalize your offer, you need to know your customers and take the time to gather information about them (their tastes, consumer preferences, family situation, etc.). It's this data that enables us to best meet and anticipate their needs. But data alone is not enough... Offering the right services at the right time is not always well received by customers, who sometimes see it as an intrusion into their privacy.

To avoid wholesale rejection, it is essential to become a part of this intimacy, by maintaining the human relationship. It's an element that concierges, particularly at John Paul, give top priority to in their support of their customers.


Intimacy and caring: creating emotions

Through their interactions, the time spent with them and their attention, Concierges develop a deep understanding of their customers. Thanks to their listening skills, empathy and curiosity, a relationship of trust and closeness can be established between Concierge and Members. This makes it possible to formulate tailor-made proposals and suggest experiences to the customer that are just like him or her.

Beyond satisfaction, it's the emotional connection that's key here. The John Paul Concierge will accompany the customer's emotions, whether they are happy, filled with gratitude, or on the contrary, frustrated or angry. These emotional motivations can, depending on the individual, far outweigh the rational dimension in decision-making. But isn't this precisely what makes human beings so valuable? At a time when data is king, enabling us to optimize the personalization of services, caring remains the quality capable of taking the experience into another dimension. 

Today at John Paul, we're convinced that the customer experience should no longer be seen solely as a service, but also as an emotion offered to each and every one of our Members.

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People at the heart of excellence

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