VICs: behind the scenes of an extraordinary treatment

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VICs: behind the scenes of an extraordinary treatment

Cherished by the major brands, VICs (very important customers) enjoy privileged treatment, generating around them a special expectation and care. This is an even greater challenge for a private concierge service whose VICs represent "the best customers of our customers", as Annabelle Cordonner and Eva Mollier, respectively Concierge Manager and Concierge at John Paul, tell us.

Who are these VICs?

Regularly associated with luxury brands (Haute couture, Haute joaillerie,...), VICs represent a (very) small percentage of the customers to whom we pay special attention. Why is that? A form of attachment is established between the brand and a customer and this is not necessarily due to celebrity" analyses Eva Mollier. Whether we are talking about natural affinities, such as a sports brand represented by a top athlete, or individuals with a network that is useful to a brand's activity, these customers are far too valuable to be treated in the same way.

Logically, significant resources are deployed to develop the loyalty of these extraordinary ambassadors. VICs are consumers with high expectations, both in terms of service quality and attention to detail. A concierge service such as John Paul has integrated this aspect very well, since a department has been specially set up for them. "Expectations, whether on the part of the VICs or our clients, have increased tenfold," says Annabelle Cordonner.


How can we meet their demands?

The challenge is simple: you have to be ready to respond to each of their requests with a high level of service and to quickly resolve any of their requests or problems. Companies are aware that a misstep can be very damaging to their business and reputation and lead to consequences. Each brand therefore tries to offer services that are relevant to their world to create a unique experience that will engage their VICs even more over time.

"The exclusive offers we create carry the DNA of the brand that requests us and as a concierge service, it is important to respect these codes by offering them personalised experience loops. Whether it is participation in a Fashion Week for VICs from the world of luxury or small attentions given throughout the year, it is essential to focus on the details that will make these moments unforgettable.


VIC follow-up: a key step for a concierge service

In concierge services, more than anywhere else, knowledge of the client must be very precise in order to be able to respond to all requests and anticipate their needs according to the context. The level of requirements is so high that the concierge "comes to work as much for the VIC as for the brand he represents", analyses Eva Mollier.

This is why, at John Paul, careful monitoring of VICs is put in place over a more or less long period of time in order to get to know them better and to innovate with each of their requests in order to get ever closer to the perfect response. concludes Annabelle Cordonner.

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VICs: behind the scenes of an extraordinary treatment

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