Send your VIP clients to the latest fashion week

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Send your VIP clients to the latest fashion week

The world of luxury, magnificent and magical, obeys extremely demanding codes.

Since its origins, John Paul has endeavoured to understand and to master them in order to respond to the most specific requests of the major fashion and jewellery houses that have sought its services since its creation. John Paul embraces premium concierge services to create extraordinary and memorable experiences for your best clients through the virtuosity of its specialist Concierges with unparalleled expertise.

Deeply respectful of the laws of luxury, concerned with refinement and perfection, we coordinate the arrival of the VIPs you invite to a prestigious gala or a fashion week. Their stay is planned down to the finest detail: we book their plane tickets for them, receive them in a very private manner at the airport, send a private driver, a translator when necessary and drive them to the Palace or 5-star hotel that awaits them.

Thanks to our fluid and intuitive application, the teams of the major Houses interact seamlessly with our elite Concierges and therefore profit from the numerous advantages of an online concierge service. Behind the scenes, we follow the itinerary of each of your VIPs and book the most prestigious places and activities for them. Wherever they go, they are received with refinement: a private masseur, a rose petal bath, a caviar treat, nothing is left to chance.

Without them even realizing it, we are with them every moment of their stay. Our Concierges give them that special something that only we can provide: trying on a dress the day after the fashion show, getting the best table at the Crillon, greeting a top chef in the backstage area of his restaurant, or even offering them a seat next to their secret idol.

These dream stays are organized with the greatest respect for your brand image: we respond with expertise to the slightest requests from your teams and your VIPs. The trust of the greatest Houses is renewed every year, to the great delight of our dedicated teams.


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