The best last-minute tables

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The best last-minute tables

We book the best tables

John Paul's expertise is a carefully compiled address book. Thanks to the advantages negotiated with our partners throughout the world, our concierges are able to reserve a table in the most prestigious establishments. Starred restaurants open their doors to our members, even at the last minute!


Choose the best gourmet restaurant

For a special occasion, or simply to satisfy a craving for an exceptional meal, John Paul concierges suggest to our members the best gourmet restaurants thanks to a privileged network of contacts.


Access to the small tables of great chefs

Renowned chefs offer small gastronomic tables in the regions of France. Our concierges find the best restaurants for our members when they visit a region.


A terrace for a business lunch

Our concierges find the best addresses to meet the most specific requests. For example, finding a sunny and quiet terrace for a business lunch.


A romantic dinner

Exceptional restaurants are magical and romantic places. To celebrate a wedding anniversary or the pleasure of being together, we reserve a table at the top of the Eiffel Tower!


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The best last-minute tables

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