Using Data to engage with your customers

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Using Data to engage with your customers

Data, the new grey gold of the 21st century, is collected, analysed and used by all companies. Among other things, it allows us to understand the behaviour of our Members and to adapt our practices to their desires to create an optimal customer experience. At John Paul, its processing and use are carried out in complete transparency in order to meet several objectives.


3 reasons to work with Data at John Paul:


1. Fostering the engagement of our Members


The primary goal is to better understand and engage our Members by providing them with a qualitative, efficient and personalized service. In compliance with the RGPD standards and with their consent, we collect demographic data (surname, first name, age, address, etc.), behavioural data (what they do, what they want, what interests them, etc.) and transactional data (the requests they make, whether or not they accept the communication offered to them via newsletter, etc.).

"This information is centralized by our Concierges and our digital systems. It is then analysed in order to improve the relationship with our Members and to refine the relevance of the suggestions that are then offered to them," explains Hubert Choplin, CRM & Data Director at John Paul.


2. Monitoring operations


Monitoring operations to improve performance is essential. At John Paul, we carefully monitor and judge the quality of the response provided by our Concierges to our Members (responsiveness, handling, Member satisfaction rate, etc.). This is a fundamental requirement that we place at the heart of our profession because it guarantees results and offers our clients indispensable transparency.


3. Optimizing the Concierges' work


The collected Data is also intended to optimize the Concierges' work in order to assist them as much as possible. "Machine learning" algorithms are used to automate certain repetitive actions, or to propose faster individualized offers by taking into account the personal profile of each Member. Moreover, a Member can contact our Concierges via the channel they prefer: phone, email, WhatsApp, chat, ... We analyse these interactions in order to personalize the correspondence with our Members and identify their preferences. The use of data-driven technologies has become a key element in the continuous improvement of the quality of our services and in offering the very best to our Members.


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The Data team at John Paul


Aware of the essential nature of the mission, a team of experts based in several countries collect and analyse this data 24 hours a day, thus ensuring continuity of service. The team is composed of Data Engineers (building data pipelines and calculating metrics), Reporting Managers (designing operational dashboards), Data Analysts (exploring and cross-referencing ever-growing data and new sources), Data Scientists (mastering both business and machine learning algorithms).

At John Paul, Data allows us to reinvent and challenge ourselves constantly to offer loyalty programmes that are ever more precise and adapted to our Members' needs. Always collected in full compliance with RGPD standards, everything is done only after the explicit agreement of our Members.


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