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Mobility & Automotive

The customer experience in the automotive sector, a major new challenge for customer loyalty.


Buying a car is a highly engaging act, both in terms of price and emotional value, with a customer journey that is now highly digitalised. 97% of car purchases start on the Internet. However, fewer and fewer manufacturers are relying on sales to attract customers and build loyalty. The advent of digital technology has brought the customer experience to the forefront, and all car brands have grasped its strategic importance. It's no longer just about buying a car, it's also about joining a community.

The automotive sector needs to reinvent the customer experience to keep pace with changing consumer habits and increased competition in the mobility market. Manufacturers have the opportunity to rethink their end-to-end customer journey by combining the benefits offered by dealerships and digital.

There are also opportunities to reinvent the aftersales process, thanks in particular to electric and connected vehicles, whose customer experience has yet to be developed.

John Paul, at the forefront of the automotive customer experience

For many years John Paul has been developing its services to constantly adapt to the needs of the automotive sector. Concierge services, as well as Marketing and Events, the 3 pillars of John Paul's business, are now at the heart of a strategy focused on the customer experience of automotive brands. Depending on their needs and reach, we are committed to offering services designed both to attract new customers and to retain existing ones. It's an approach that creates a world where emotion is at the heart of every Member's experience.

A multi-solutions strategy

True to its identity, John Paul can offer its automotive customers the benefit of its expertise in concierge services. Buying a car and being offered private concierge access pays off, because the feeling of being privileged is real and tangible and the consumer feels pampered.

Improving the customer experience can also be achieved through the John Paul events program, dedicated to creating "money can't buy" experiences. The aim? To create an unforgettable memory through activities directly or indirectly linked to the world of the brand, whatever its prestige. At the heart of each experience, we are committed to passing on to each of our Members the essential values that the brand embodies. A personalised and authentic approach that enables our customers to strengthen their customers' sense of belonging to their brand.

The automotive sector and its customers are also very receptive to affinity marketing programs, which can vary according to the brand's objectives and image. Today, more and more brands are creating their own clubs to offer their customers a wide range of benefits. It's an engaging system that we're keen to develop, since we offer our customers in the automotive sector a wide network of partners dedicated to lifestyle and mobility. Whether it's a question of discounts or statutory advantages, John Paul is constantly adapting to the strategy of each brand.

And to ensure that the customer experience is as effective as possible, the automotive industry has clearly understood the need to focus on digital. This is at the heart of our approach, and ongoing innovation is at the heart of our support and services.

Strong expertise in the automotive sector

John Paul has been working with car brands for many years, whether it be for high-end concierge services or the design and management of their relational and loyalty programs.

Permanent technological innovation

Our teams innovate to offer technological solutions adapted to the challenges of the automotive sector: data transfer, on-board concierge services or integration of our flows.

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Maxime Nathan

logo Hyundai
Hyundai Motor France Commercial Director
Maxime Nathan

“John Paul operates the Hyundai Privileges loyalty programme for us, which has been a real success with the 14,000 brand customers since the launch in July 2022. We built Hyundai Privileges with John Paul with two goals in mind: to complement the Hyundai automotive experience with quality touch points through powerful experiences and to provide a useful targeted offers on a daily basis.”

Sophie Ropars

logo DS France
Marketing Director DS France
Sophie Ropars

“DS Automobiles has been using John Paul for many years to organize special events for our customers. John Paul's proposals are perfectly adapted to the values of our brand, and he shows great professionalism in the organization of events. It is a pleasure to work hand in hand with them to create unique and memorable experiences for our clients.”



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