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Enrich your
thanks to the expertise and know-how of elite concierges.

"Strong of more than 400 collaborators and 16 years of experience, our competences ensure you a quantifiable ROI and performance index. Our only satisfaction remains that of your Members.

Olivier Larigaldie - John Paul CEO

97 % Member satisfaction

"Quality of service is our sole concern."

Marie D

Marie D, alongside John Paul Members for the past 8 years

280 Concierges

"I help cardholders fulfil their dreams, it gives me a sense of fulfilment that is unmatched."

Olivier K

Olivier K, John Paul talent for the past year

10 000 partners

« For 10 years, we have been providing chauffeur-driven transport services. »

Vincent Grenard

Vincent Grenard, Director of the Luxury Division, Chabé Transports

"In John Paul we have found a customer relations gem!"

Sebastien Bazin

Sébastien Bazin, Chairman and CEO of Accor
and DG of the Luxury & Lifestyle Division

550 Collaborators

"John Paul is a unique loyalty company in the world, our customers are happy every day!"

Kim Barber

Kim Barber, Chief Employee Loyalty, North of America

Topics and trends, all the news to enchant you

Luxury VIC's

Hyper-personalization: the key to building loyalty among luxury VICs

Loyal to its identity, luxury cannot abandon its codes and demanding values, but must innovate to ...
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Bank Card Concierge Service

A powerful loyalty driver and emotion booster for premium cardholders! Above all, your daily ...
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Smiling concierge on the phone

Private concierge: human qualities first and foremost

The quality of a concierge service depends to a large extent on the responsiveness and relevance of ...
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Inside John Paul
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Looking for a rare object, the address of a trendy restaurant, the contact details of a trusted craftsman... our Concierges take care of these everyday tasks that take up time when you're short of it.

Responding to Members' requests is the mission of the John Paul Concierge teams. All requests? Yes ...
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Woman holding phone and bank card

What types of concierge services are there?

A concierge service, historically a hotel reception service, is a set of services offered by a ...
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trust in us

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